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My Sister Slept With Two Mallams All Because Of Suya – Brother Tells

Imagine a pretty girl sell her body to two mallams all because of what she loved.
Brother shared how are dear sister slept with mallams all because of her love for suya.
Read what the brother wrote below;
“It’s a shameful story that my only one sister slept with suya sellers all because of suya.
Yesterday night i gave my sister money to get suya for both of us and we ate, but she wasn’t satisfied with it so she said she will be back with suya that i should wait for her.
I waited for so long and i decided to go check on her and saw the two suya seller in action with my sister.
She told me she did that all because she want to get me some suya to eat.”
Please i need your advice, should i tell my parent about this or not?

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